Truck Crane Hire

Ashgrove Transport are truck crane hire specialists.
We offer complete management for heavy haulage, oversized structures and abnormal loads throughout Ireland, UK, Europe and the rest of the world.
We work with a number of companies including Dawn Meats, RoadBridge, Greenstar, BAM, Roadstone, Lagan, Vestas, Height for Hire and Bausch & Lomb to name a few and we have extensive experience undertaking projects which require great planning, preparation and skill.

We offer an extensive range of crane hire solutions for lifting and transporting all types of boats, materials and machinery.
Our team are highly experienced, fully trained and equipped with all necessary safety devices, protective gear and comply with all health and safety procedures.
We pride ourselves on our personalised customer focused approach tailoring our services to meet your requirements, delivering outstanding results, on time - every time.

  • Machinery Shipping

  • Wide Load Transport

  • Abnormal Loads

  • Wide Loads

  • Heavy Equipment Transporter

  • Machinery Transport

  • Heavy Haulage Trucking

  • Heavy Equipment Shipping

  • Equipment Transport

  • Heavy Haul Trucking

If you require transportation for abnormal loads we are the specialists. We can make all the arrangements on your behalf, plan your route and obtain any necessary permits.

Route Surveys

We conduct Route Surveys for customers transporting abnormal loads. Our detailed reports outline any areas of concern, solutions to those problems, required permits, and management information. We can remove obstacles, provide escorts and liaise with the Gardaí to ensure your materials are transported safely and on time.

  • Oversized Permits

  • Wide Load Permits

  • Over Weight Permits

  • Route Survey for Oversized Loads

  • Over-width Permits